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QK01: Photo Electric Switch AC 220V For Day & Night Auto Electricity control

QK02: Infra Red Remote Control Switch On - Off With Relay

QK03: Multi Siren 3 In 1 (Police, Emergency, Fire).

QK04: Mini Knight Rider 10 LED Outputs.

QK05: Magic Switch - LDR Switch Timer Control With Variable.

QK06: Mini FM Transmitter Wireless (FM MIC) For FM Radio.

QK07: Traffic Signal Control (LED's).

QK08: Simple Variable Power Supply Dc 0 - 12v 500MA With Transformer.

QK09: Dream Melody Horn Alarm.

QK10: Flashing Heart 24 LED's Best Flip - Flop Kit.

QK11: Microphone Public Address Amplifier System DC 9V Operated.

QK12: Running Lights AC 220V Flasher I.C 3 Channels Bulb Control.

QK13: Telephone Bug Or Telephone Transmitter Transmits On FM Band.

QK14: Single Wire Touch Switch 0n - Off Relay Control.

QK15: Counter 2 Digits Up/Down Dc 12V Operated.

QK16: Emergency Light Automatic Charger 6V/12V System.

QK17: Burglar Alarm - Light & Dark Alarm For Home & Offices.

QK18: Telephone Hold On Music Kit Good Sound.

QK19: New Digital Telephone Sound Extra Bell - Direct Telephone Line Operated.

QK20: Free Hand Set Telephone Kit.

QK21: Water Level Indicator Alarm For Over-Flowing Water Tank.

QK22: Magic Alarm - Thief Alarm

QK23: Simple Amplifier An7116 (DC 6 - 12V Operated) 5 Watt Output.

QK24: Telephone Amplifier Kit.

QK25: Moving Message 7 Channels - 2 Functions Output For Letters.

QK26: Touch Switch (Touch On - Touch Off).

QK27: Sensitive Dynamic MIC-Pre With Amplifier An7116 (Y For Dynamic MIC).

QK28: Power Amplifier Mono 10 Watt AN7131.

QK29: AC 220V I.C Flasher With Relay- Bulb / Led Display Control.

QK30: Fm MIC High Sensitive Transmitter Operated On 1.5 Volts Single Cell.

QK31: Automatic Charger For Car Battery 12 Volts

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