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Kit#: QK209


Our new QK-AVR Stamp Development board is ideal for use with the new high-performance QK-AVR Stamp Module incorporating the Atmel ATMega64 /128 microcontroller. This board includes easy mounting for the QK-AVR Stamp module, together with all the necessary power supply components. Also included space for on the board pushbuttons, LED's, Analogue inputs, speaker, LCD Connector plus a large project develoment area. This board is the ideal development platform for the QK-AVR Stamp Module and is great for use in colleges and Universities

Programs can be downloaded directly to the module via the QK-AVR ISP or through the JTAG interface. It is also possible to debug and step through the programs using the AVR Studio program and our new JTAG interface

This board is a great way to develop and test both simple and more sophisticated programs and is an ideal learning platform for students. Easily test basic I/O with the LED's and pushbuttons. Then move onto more complex programs with analogue inputs etc. The large project board area is ideal for adding auxiliary circuits for connecting to the module. A number of compilers are available to work with this new microcontroller. These include the CodeVision C compiler, Bascom-AVR plus many more.
The QK-AVR Stamp Board is the perfect development tool for our new powerful QK-AVR Stamp Module

Please Note:Module Not Included and Sold Separately


Includes Mounting Socket for the QK-AVR Stamp Module incorporating the Atmel ATMega64 / 128 Microcontroller
All necessary power supply components and rectification circuit is included
Direct In-Circuit Program Download with the QK-AVR ISP Connector (Sold Separately)
space for 4 Pushbuttons with Speaker On-Board
space for 4 Variable Trimpots for Adjustable Analogue Inputs
space for 4 Red Test LED's
Large Project board
JTAG Connector
LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
RS232 Connections
Easy to Install and Remove the QK-AVR Module
Ideal Training and Development Board for the QK-AVR Stamp

Price: $ 20.00 each

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