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Kit#: QK211

Multi purpose development board

QLAB-4000 is versatile multi purpose microcontroller test board. Top price savings,Response development on today's typically use microcontrollers in a single chip with full features such as internal Memory Flash, Ram and EEprom by the external device a little. The board is designed as the placement of components around the Proto Board. Including the use of terminal block extensions and header in many different forms and sectors. Seamlessly has perfect integrated clear Input Output basic and full. 3.3 VDC and 5 VDC power supply within the PCB also has added another 4-pieces Adapter for MCS-51 family of chips put size 40 Pin and 20 Pin Chip and Microchip family (PIC) Size 40 and 18 Pin with a letter conveying the completeness of each Pin, Make the test more easily. Suitable for beginners and microcontroller professionals.


Proto Board Panel size is around 420 pads ,power supply sector for 5 VDC and 3.3 VDC.

4 piece Adapter PCB accessories for popular microcontroller chip (the chip is the Option). Xtal circuit is allready added into the MCS-51 40 Pin (11.0592 Mhz), MCS-51 20 Pin (11.0592), PIC 40 Pin (20 Mhz) And PIC 18 Pin (20 Mhz).

Power conditioning board uses the Regulator Adapter 9 VDC input, and outs 5 VDC power and 3.3 VDC.

Reset circuit with DS1707 chip, using a keyswitch for Reset High or Low.

RS232 Drives 2 channels (MAX232) and RS485 (MAX3082) with LED indicators, completely different signal (TX, RX, CON).

The LED 8 light indicator (0 = light, 1 = failure) and Dip-Switch 8 option (0 = On 1 = Off).

7-Segment LED red, height 0.56-inch core 2 to work independently.

Press Key Matrix 4x4 ,integrated voice Buzzer Active Low.

Relay Output Circuit (Active Low) with LED indicator.

Opto-Isolated DC Input range (Active Low) is selected at 5,12,24 VDC.

TRIMPOT 10-rounds 5K and 50K, for adjusting resistance.

Independent trial size Headers of 2 Pin, 3 Pin, 5 Pin and 16 Pin.

Price: $ 60.00 each

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