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Kit#: QK220


Our new ATTiny2313 Base Controller Board is a great, compact mini base controller, ideal for a wide range of small applications. The Base Controller comes complete with the updated AT90S2313 Microcontroller, the Atmel ATTiny2313. Existing AT90S2313 Code can be easily transferred to this microcontroller. This board is only 82mm long by 62mm wide and includes all the necessary support components, for a very inexpensive, ready to run controller.

The board includes in-circuit program download for easy updates and program changes. This can be done with the controller in place, or on-site. The programmer, the QK-AVR ISP is available separately. All port pins on the microcontroller are brought out to standard IDCC Headers for easy connection. A standard 14-pin LCD connection is also available for character LCD's. A UART is included as standard on the microcontroller for computer interfacing and data transfer. A MAX232 is included for level shifting of the UART signal, these are connected to standard polarized headers for a simple RS232 connection to your computer or other embedded controller. A reset button is mounted on the board together with the necessary rectifier for the power supply together with a power-on LED.

The ATTiny2313 Controller is based on the new ATTiny2313 microcontroller from Atmelฎ . This microcontroller features the high throughput RISC processor common to the AVR Range. Also on the board is a DS1307 socket for installation of a Real-Time Clock, together with back-up battery mounted on the underside of the board. A 24CXX series EEPROM can also be installed enabled up to 64k of additional EEPROM Memory, ideal for data storage.

If your looking for a compact mini controller for small applications our new ATTiny2313 Controller is ideal. This unit is both inexpensive and loaded with features, ideal as a Real World Controller with the optional on-board DS1307 Real Time Clock.

Please note: Power supply is not included.
Atmel is a registered trademarks of the Atmel Corporation


• Includes Atmel ATTiny2313 Microcontroller with 2kb Internal Flash Program Memory
• Operating Speed at 7.3728MHz with high-speed single cycle throughput
• In-Circuit Programming via QK-AVR ISP
• Up to 15 I/O points with easy to connect standard IDCC Connectors
• RS232 Connection with MAX232
• LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
• Optional Real Time Clock - DS1307 with 32.768kHz Crystal Fitted
• Optional External EEPROM - 24XX Series
• On-Board Regulator
• Power LED
• Reset Button
• Very Compact, Easy to Use Controller for Many Applications

Price: $ 16.00 each

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